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Best Amino Acid Protein Supplement Review

Did you know that your body doesn't use all of the Protein you take in?
The amount your body utilizes is referred to as Net Nitrogen Utilization.
Every protein source has an "Amino Acids Profile" which has a percentage of
Net Nitrogen Utilization.

The point is, It is not relevant how many grams of protein you are getting 
from your protein sources, but how much of that protein will your body 
will actually use?

Let's look at the numbers:

When you eat a 45 gram serving of Chicken Breast, the NNU is only 17%.
That means your body will only be able to use 7.65 Grams.

When you take in 17 grams of Whey Protein, the NNU is ONLY 12%.
Your body will only use 2.04 Grams.

Next time you buy protein foods or supplements, the question you should be 
asking is - "What is the Net Nitrogen utilization of this protein?"

These is a new amino acid protein supplement called "Nitrobol" that 
offers the highest Net Nitrogen Utilization of any other supplement 
I know of. This means that more protein is fully used by your body.

Nitrobol is pre-digested and fully absorbed in less than 23 minutes. This 
means the muscle-building aminos get to your muscle cells fast to 
induce and support muscle hypertrophy (growth). Dietary protein takes 
3 to 4 hours to be digested. 

Nitrobol is also sodium free, sugar free, and fat free, so it is perfect 
for those who wish to add lean muscle mass or even to build muscle and 
lose fat at the same time.

Note: For full Information Go to: Nitrobol

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