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Biotest Surge Review

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There aren't many truths in bodybuilding, but one of them is this: post-workout nutrition is vital to your progress. If you don't get the right stuff into your body right after training, then you might as well not go to the gym and train hard. The solution for years has been to get some liquid protein down your gullet ASAP post-workout. That was a step in the right direction, but not perfect.

The perfect post-workout drink would: 

1) Maximize post-workout glycogen synthesis 2) stop protein breakdown that occurs during training 3) jack up the protein synthesis. Sorry to tell you this, but the shakes those front desk bimbos whip up for you at the juice bar don't cut it.

Simply put, Biotest Surge is designed to switch on anabolism and halt catabolism. The drink causes a hormonal "surge" (primarily insulin) that drives the nutrients you need to grow, deep into the muscle cells. It also involves a very specific blend of certain specific amino acids that are crucial to its efficacy. Thus, it takes care of all three goals listed above.

Reader feedback so far has been great: it tastes good and it works. Since the raw ingredients taste like tar on a hot summer day, Biotest Surge is another victory. Many people tried to formulate their own versions of Surge and most of it ended up being poured (or regurgitated) into the sink. Many users describe Biotest Surge as tasting like angel-food cake, which is pretty accurate.

Even better than that is how quickly you'll notice improved recovery from your workouts. You'll be less sore and less fatigued.

The lowdown:

* Helps you build muscle
* Helps preserve LBM while dieting
* Increases recovery and reduces soreness
* For men and women

Click Here For Muscle Building Supplement Secrets Revealed

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