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Interview With Hardcore Bodybuilding
Supplement Expert Bryan Kernan

By Paul Becker

I recently interviewed Bryan Kernan, author of "Supplement Secrets Revealed". 
This ebook is getting rave reviews, many are calling it the most important 
and revolutionary book ever written on the topic of bodybuilding supplements. 
I feel that you will find Bryan's knowledge extremely helpful in achieving 
your drug-free bodybuilding goals.

Paul: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Bryan: I have been involved with bodybuilding for the past 10 years and I 
have seen fads, trends, and scams come and go. I've literally spent 
thousands of dollars on supplements, magazines, training systems, diets 
and weights in   my effort to find the most powerful way to put muscle 
on fast.

I've also seen and studied how the supplement industry operates. Both as
a customer buying up the latest craze, and as an "insider" researching 
the industry, in order to start my own company. I was shocked hen I first
discovered the "inside information" of the supplement industry, and that
is why I have written this ebook on Supplement Secrets.

Paul: Give us an example of what you found out?

Bryan: The biggest problem of the supplement industry is they give no 
thought on how to design supplements. They throw something together and 
create a great sounding story to sell their new product to unsuspecting 
bodybuilders. You've seen the ridiculous claims made in advertisements 
for supplements in the magazines. Of course if you dispute any of their 
claims, they can quickly show a scientific study that "proves" it does 
what is advertised. The truth is, these advertisements are only telling
 you part of the story. They conveniently forget to tell you the study 
that "proves" beyond a shadow of a doubt the supplement works, was 
performed on some sickly person in the hospital who would have probably 
gained muscle on anything you gave them. One supplement company 
president actually bragged, "I can put sugar in a pill and sell it as 
a muscle builder and bodybuilders would still buy it."

Paul: Wow!

Bryan: I'm not saying all supplements are bad. Normally without 
supplements you could only take your body to certain predetermined 
genetic limit. After you reached this point, you would be stuck. With 
supplements you can get your body to explode through the genetic 
barrier, and get your body to do some amazing and impossible things.

The problem is that most supplement users don't give any thought to 
designing an effective supplementation program. They see an 
advertisement in the magazines about some "hot" new product. They 
try it out for a few weeks and move on to the next item of choice. 
This is not the way to construct a supplement routine. With very 
little thought and money you can design a routine that far 
surpasses any of these advertisements claims.

Paul: What would you consider the "Ideal" Supplement Routine?

Bryan: A supplement program involves many variables. Factors such 
as timing, cycling, and absorption can affect the potency of your 
supplements. Its important to remember you can't have everything 
perfect all the time, but the closer you get to that level, the 
more effective your supplement program will be.

Paul: Give us an example of correctly timing taking supplements?

Bryan: OK, for example, growth hormone releasers. Growth hormone 
is released in small bursts throughout the day, with the most being
 released 60-90 minutes after falling asleep. But, high blood sugar 
levels are antagonistic to growth hormone release. Therefore, if 
you eat carbs late at night this will suppress the effects if 
you take a GH releaser before bed.

Paul: How much difference do you think a correctly timed and 
cycled supplement program can make for the average drug-free 

Bryan: In terms of results, supplementing in a correctly timed 
and cycled maner, as opposed to "flying blind," which is what 
most people are doing. Individual responses vary. But, I will 
promise if you follow my supplement recommendations to the letter. 
You will experience dramatic changes in your physique of at 
least 5 lbs. all the way up to 25 lbs.

Paul: Cool! What do your think the future holds for supplements?

Bryan: I am hoping supplement companies will start looking at the 
reaction of supplements already in existence. For example, taking 
two highly potent supplements and combining them into different 
stacks and mixes so they produce more than the two would by 
themselves. For example, we know that the addition of dextrose 
increases the absorption rate of creatine. In this case 2+2 
doesn't qual 4. It equals more like 6 or 7.

There are a lot of other supplements out there that lend themselves
 to synergy like the example I described. That's what my book is all 
about - mixing effective supplements to create a synergy of 
supplements. Just one of these synergy combinations can have 
explosive results.

Paul: Thanks, again Bryan! This is one of the most powerful and 
comprehensive systems I have ever seen for natural bodybuilders. 
This truly may be the closest you will ever get to "steroid-like" 
results from your supplement program.

For more information on "Supplement Secrets Revealed" go to: Click Here!

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