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Calcium For Fat Loss

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"Fat Loss Supplement" Series Ė Calcium

By Ivan Nikolov

copyright © 2008 Ivan Nikolov

This is the first part of series of articles on supplements, which combined with calorie-restricted diets and exercise might help burn the unwanted fat faster. So, watch for more similar reads to follow this one.

If you are reading this article you either carry some extra weight with you or you have problems keeping the extra weight off. In either case the supplement under current investigation can help you. I will shortly explain why.

Calcium is an element that falls into the group of the minerals. It is essential for the body. It plays a crucial role in the bone and teeth formation as well as the normal muscle and heart function.

In relation to fat loss, calcium is a main factor in the regulation of the substance calcitriol. Low calcium levels signal the body to produce cacitriol, which in turn promotes the process lipogenesis (fat being stored in the fat cell). Higher calcium diets inhibit lipogenesis and promote lipolysis (fat being used for energy).

That was a piece of somewhat dry information, I realize. It was simply the technical stuff for those who are interested.

But here is the interesting part: Clinical trials demonstrated that high calcium levels caused significant fat reduction in obese individuals, who did not follow a calorie-restricted diet. Further, individuals who implemented a low-calorie diet saw even more significant and accelerated fat loss compared to the non-calorie restricted diet participants.

We are talking about clinical data, concerning humans, not lab animals! This is big!

Let me say it once again. Even if you donít follow a calorie-restricted diet you can loose fat, if your calcium intake is high enough. But the effect of calcium intake on fat loss will be even greater of you are on a low-calorie diet and exercise.

What is the recommended daily calcium intake? You will do very well with 1,000 - 1,200mg of supplemental calcium a day.

Now, pay attention here. It is proven that calcium, coming from dairy sources possess much stronger fat loss effects on the body than calcium in supplemen form.

In order to get the recommended daily dose you will have to eat at least 3 - 4 servings of dairy foods a day. Good sources are low fat and fat free milk products like cottage cheese and yogurt. Some vegetables, like broccoli for example, are high in calcium as well.

If, for whatever reason you canít provide the necessary calcium through the consumption of milk products and calcium rich vegetables, then you definitely have to use a good calcium supplement.

The important thing to know here is that supplemental calcium has to be combined with magnesium. Magnesium is needed for the proper calcium metabolism. Without it you might suffer from calcium deficiency and/or other ailments.

And finally let me tell you what types of supplemental calcium are best. The most absorbable form of calcium is the citrate form. The magnesium in the formula should be citrate as well. Itís best when the supplemental calcium comes in several different forms (salts). That provides for even more complete absorption of the mineral.

Thatís it. Expect more articles, each to investigate a single substance that helps in the fat burning processes. Till then make sure your calcium levels are adequate and donít rely on the mineral only for fat loss. Maintain your restricted calorie diet and attend a gym on a regular basis.


Ivan Nikolov, an accomplished natural bodybuilder shares a wealth of information on Natural Bodybuilding and Sports Nutrition on his website Start using his comprehensive Free Nutrition Software today!

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