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Carbohydrate Supplements
To Combat Cortisol and Glycogen Depletion

A lot of bodybuilders tell me they have an intense desire to slap on as 
much muscle as they can, but sometimes I have to wonder if they really 
mean it. After all, they don't want to do the little things that can have a 
big impact on muscle gains. They say, "I don't have time" or "That's too 
much work." It all comes down to how bad you really want to put on 
muscle. So you don't make the same mistake as some of these other 
bodybuilders, I'm going to share a mistake I see a lot of them making 
when trying to put on muscle mass. It's this:

They are not paying enough attention to their post workout meal!

I know you've heard the importance of taking a post-workout meal 
before, but not the way I'm talking about. Most "experts" say, "as long 
as you take a meal containing carbohydrates and protein within 90 
minutes after your workout you'll be using this "window of opportunity"
for muscle growth." I say, "Why in the hell would you wait so long for 
the most critical time of your recovery, for muscle growth." Cortisol is 
rapidly rising right after the workout and if you don't do something to 
put a stop to it, it's going to eat away at your muscle gains. 

To stop cortisol from rising you should take your post workout shake 
immediately after your workout. Premix if you can and bring it to the 
gym with you. The bare minimum in your post workout shake should a
be high glycemic carbohydrate supplement and protein. Why high glycemic?
Actually there are two reasons: the first is, scientists have figured 
out insulin and cortisol are antagonistic, meaning when your insulin 
levels are high cortisol is driven out of your body. This tilts your 
testosterone to cortisol ratio in favor of testosterone. 

The second is glycogen depletion after a workout. If you've properly 
done a hard enough workout, your muscles will be depleted of 
carbohydrates, because you used them up during your workout. 
Your muscles are literally screaming for some more carbohydrates 
right after the workout. They will quickly absorb the carbohydrates, 
so it is important to get them into your body as soon as possible. 
While your body is in this quick uptake mode, you can use the 
carbohydrates to shuttle other "anabolic" nutrients into your 
body. The applications are unlimited! But, first you have to
become a post workout fanatic and take it in as soon as 
you can. 

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