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Cardio Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting

Complete Guide to Cardio Tips

Cardio has always been a problem for a great deal of people. There have been
uncertainties of how many minutes you should do it for, at what intensity, what
machines are the best and what time of the day should you do it. This guide will help
to answer these questions and a few others. (If you are new to cardio, remember to
take it easy for a few weeks)

High Intensity or Low Intensity:

This has people fighting about what is the best one for fat burning? Well the answer
is combination of the two. See if you do high intensity workout everyday, then your
body will get used to it, but by mixing up the two it never knows whats coming next.
By keeping your body guessing, you never let it get used to anything. Just like in
weight lifting, if your body is used to you bench pressing 185 lbs for 12 reps after a
while your body doesn't get stronger or adds any new muscle. The same principle
holds true in cardio.

HITT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Like the same says this is the high intensity workout that last about 15-25 minutes.
You have to keep your heart rate between 75 - 85% of your maximum. There are
many variations of how to do this, some people just go through the whole workout at
a steady heart rate, while other will sprint for 30 seconds and jog for 30 seconds.
This allows them to hit the high end of their heart rate, but also the lower end. HITT is
very effective in burning calories and a typical workout of 25 minutes can burn near
400 calories. The same workout in low intensity would only burn around 200 to 250
calories. HITT is good for people who do not have a lot of time to spend at the gym
or get bored on low intensity workouts. Even though in a HITT workout you burn
more total calories, but fewer come from fat. In recent studies, it was shown that
HITT workouts left a person's metabolism elevated for more than 24 hours.

 LISS (Low Intensity Steady State)

LISS is the low intensity workout keeping your heart rate at 65%. LISS burns few
total calories but more from calories from fat. LISS workout should last a minimum
of 30 minutes and a maximum of 50 minutes. More than 50 minutes you will risk
burning muscle tissue for energy.

When is the best time to perform cardio?:

The best time to perform cardio in order to lose fat is in the morning time fasted.
This way your body burns more calories from fat since you have not had anything to
eat since the night before.

                      Never perform cardio after lifting weight!!

I can not stress this enough and I wish someone had told me this before I had to
learn the hard way. Doing cardio after lifting hurts you in 2 ways: 1) your body will
start to burn muscle tissue for energy, since you already did 45- 1 hour weight lifting
workout 2) you muscles will not grow because instead of having your post workout
shake, you are doing cardio. It is better to not do cardio than to do it after weight

Should I eat after doing cardio?:

To burn the most amount of fat, you should not eat anything for 45- 1 hour after
doing cardio. Well this can be tough but it works! The when you do eat limit it to
healthy fats and protein. The after 2-3 hours you can have carbs. If this does not
work for you have a meal that is balanced in protein, carbs and fats.

What are the best machines in the gym to perform cardio

1) Treadmill: If you are just starting out, stick to walking and slowing work up  to
jogging. Treadmill will help you burn the most calories but if you have joint problems
it could make them worse.

2) Elliptical Machine: This gives you a full body workout and burns around the
same calories as a treadmill and is not as hard as the treadmill on your joints.
People with joint problems should stick with the elliptical.

3) Stair Climber: It burns less calories than the previous 2 machines, but boy does
it make your heart race! It is good to perform HIIT type of interval training on here.
4) Stationary Bike: Burns the least amount of calories, but is helpful in performing
LISS training.

When choosing which machine to perform cardio, remember that if your not
enjoying your workout, you can always switch to another machine. Choose the one
that you are most comfortable with and if you want to change up your routine you
can always select another.

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