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Next Nutrition Designer Whey Protein Review

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Pure Whey Peptide Protein - Easy for your body to digest, absorb, and use. Peptides are the preferred mechanism for the human metabolism to absorb Amino Acids (nitrogen) from digested protein. (Adibi S.A. "Am. J. Clin. Nut." 29, 205, 1976. Zaloga G.P. "Nutr. Clin. Pract." 5, 231, 1990.),

Modified molecular weight and partially predigested (enzyme hydrolyzed) whey protein for di-, tri-, oligo-, and poly-peptides (short and longer chains of amino acids), pure ion-exchanged whey and very low molecular weight whey peptides provide.

The Perfect ratios of essential and non-essential amino acids in their most easily absorbed and utilized form for maximum nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and rapid cell repair.

Highest levels of anti-catabolic branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)- L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine ~50% of the essential amino acid profile is BCAAs. Supplies alternative extra muscle fuel to help preserve lean muscle tissue during times of intense exercise, stress, dieting and other catabolic or proteolytic conditions.

Low glycemic index minimizes spiking of blood sugar levels and optimizes natural insulin and glucagon production. Ideal for pre-contest prep.

Low temperature ultra speed sonic drying helps eliminate protein chain cross-linking - "denaturing" - found in egg white, casein, soy and other regular whey protein powders.

Enriched with extra glutamine from glutamine peptides. All the glutamine in this product is peptide-bonded, making it effective and safe in moisture and water. No free-form L-glutamine is added.

Low calorie - only 80 calories per scoop. No added fructose, sugars, salt or carbohydrates. Perfect when counting calories. Rich in calcium and phosphorous.

Extra B vitamins for better amino acid metabolism. Designer Protein is low in calories and lactose...... suitable for most anyone with milk allergies.

Available in 4 different flavors:  Chocolate, Natural, Strawberry, Vanilla Praline

Click Here For Muscle Building Supplement Secrets Revealed

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