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Unique Benefits of Different Testosterone Boosters

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Testosterone is a vital hormone to physical and emotional wellness. Loss of muscle mass, dips in sexual performance and depression are symptoms of low T that affect a broad population.

Given the far reaching effects of hormone imbalances on quality of life, testosterone supplements have broad appeal. However, consumers are faced with many options when choosing supplements. Each supplement has unique benefits that should be considered.

Thankfully, being convenient and affordable are common denominators.

Here are natural testosterone boosters with mind and body benefits:

Gamma Oryzanol (Gamma-O):

Found in rice bran oil, gamma-o first gained acclaim as an anxiety treatment in Japan during the 1960ís. Plant sterols from the natural compound increase testosterone and can balance hormones for mood enhancement.

Unlike some testosterone boosters that obliterate estrogen, gamma-o regulates hormone production for mind and body well-being.By optimizing hormone levels, gamma oryzanol is used to treat menopause and increase athletic performance.

An endorphin release from gamma-o improves the emotional outlook of those with mood swings, while also expediting muscle recovery following intense workouts. From a cardiovascular standpoint, gamma-o supplements may help block the absorption of excess cholesterol.

Powders and capsules are easy ways to supplement with gamma oryzanol.

Maca Root:

For over 3 millennia, the maca plant has been found in high plateau areas of Peru. Maca root has various plant sterols that contain essential fatty acids (EFAs) and amino acids. This reflects how the natural formula has total body benefits.

The root of this Andes Mountain plant is used for multiple gains in wellness. Plant chemicals from maca are natural testosterone boosters, which also regulate estrogen production. As a result, the root is used to treat hormone imbalances in men and women.

Maca is used to invigorate those feeling lethargic or suffering from medical conditions that induce fatigue. These include chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and anemia. Increases in sexual vitality may also be realized, as maca root is linked to stronger desire and better erectile function.

You can mix whole maca root powder into a shake, as opposed to capsules with diluted dosages.


A relatively new supplement; ZMA is a synergy of zinc, magnesium and B6. Zinc and magnesium are potent minerals that provide separate benefits in raising testosterone.

Zinc is packed with antioxidants and positively correlated with testosterone levels. Magnesium builds bone density and may help prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Meanwhile, Vitamin B6 promotes mental clarity for increased focus.

ZMA is also touted to improve the breakdown of protein intake. This is valuable to athletes who consume larger amounts of protein for speedier muscle recovery and to fuel their workouts.

Tablets are the most common form of ZMA and can be readily found at natural food stores.

Managing Hormones for Better Fitness:

Since the causes of low T are varied, understanding factors that affect your low testosterone helps make an informed decision. Aging, hormone therapies and disease may all contribute to hormone deficiencies.

Please consult with a medical professional for specifics on your testosterone levels.

Click Here For Muscle Building Supplement Secrets Revealed

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