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Ephedra Supplement Review
Ma Hung Ephedra Stackers

Ephedra is a herb that burns fat by increases the body temperature. It stimulates the
thyroid gland to increase a person's metabolism. Studies have shown that ephedra
is not a hype but is the real deal when it comes to burning fat. Don't get me wrong it
does have it's fair share of side effects, as does anything else. For healthy people
who do not have any problems a normal dosage of ephedra is not lethal. That is the
primary reason the ban on it was lifted. I think ephedra was made out to be the evil
supplement that killed hundreds of people, when in fact most of these people
abused the dosage requirements. Many believed if 2 pills makes me lose 2 pounds
of fat a week than 4 pills is going to make me lose 4 pounds. With other constraints
such as low calorie diet, intense exercise and not drinking enough water, it result
sadly in the death on many people. If a person abuses aspirin and the result is that
they over dosage, does that mean the government should ban it? I think most
people would say no. But that was what happened to ephedra. I am not saying ever
person that took ephedra and got a heart attack of lost their life abused it, but most
people could have avoided adverse results if they were more careful and
supplement companies had stronger warning labels.

So why do people take ephedra?   

People take ephedra first of all since it helps to burn fat. It also has a anti-catabolic
effect, meaning it preserves muscle tissue while you lose weight. This is as
important as losing fat, since muscle tissue will keep you metabolism elevated.
Other people take it for as a energy booster before their workouts. This is helpful
because ephedra has been shown to improve concentration and increase energy.

What is a ephedra stack?

An ephedra stack is caffeine, aspirin and ephedra taken together. The dosage is
usually 25 mg of ephedra, 200mg of caffeine and 300mg of aspirin taken 3 times
daily 30 minutes before meals. This is extremely strong and is not recommended
for everyone.

What is a common dosage?

If a person is going to start ephedra they should talk to their doctor first. You should
start by taking the lowest possible dosage to access how it effects your body. I
believe you can get a 10mg ephedra pill. The maximum amount of ephedra a
person should take in a day is 75 mg.   

What are some side effects?
Some common side effects are rapid heart beat, insomnia, tremors, headaches,
dizziness, high blood pressure and lack of appetite.

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