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Benefits of GABA Supplement

The name of the product is GABA, not Abba, but you can almost hear the 
lyrics of those Swedish dancing queens, as your browse the shelves for 
exciting new supplements: "If you take a chance . . . "

Well, seventies disco may very well not be your thing. But if you do 
wind up taking a chance with GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid), you may 
be opening yourself up to an entire truckload of healthful benefits - 
and thanking yourself for doing so.

GABA is more than just an amino acid. It is considered a potent 
neurotransmitter, a substance that activates both the brain and the 
nervous system, triggering some serious elevations in growth hormones. 
In fact, many experts consider this product as strong as many 
pharmaceutical products out there that are designed to boost such 
hormone levels.

GABA is a highly-tested product, one that comes in a powder form and 
should be consumed in quantities of somewhere between five and 18 
grams per day, most of it before you go to bed.

This powder is designed to work primarily in the hypothalamus, the 
outer area of the brain, which is where many instinctive functions 
occur, functions such as sleep patterns and temperature regulation 
in your body.

Another function in this area is the activity of the pituitary 
gland, the endocrine gland that rules over all your hormones.

What GABA ultimately does is produce Human Growth Hormones (HGH), 
an invaluable facilitator in speeding up metabolism (fat loss), 
boosting energy levels, and increasing muscle mass. Also, HGH is
 a hormone that naturally decreases with age, so the replenishing
 of this product will help you perform functions (like weight 
loss) that become increasingly difficult with age.

There have also been extensive reports that this product improves
sleep cycles, providing for that ever-important good night of 
sleep, while working as a pain-reducer for those with arthritis 
and other nagging discomforts.

There are few if any side effects of GABA. Some users have 
experienced some mild tingling sensations around the face 
and neck area. Also some notice a brief and mild change in 
heart rate or breathing patterns. These side effects 
quickly disappear and are not harmful. Not everyone 
experiences these side effects.

So to say that GABA is a fat-burner, a muscle-builder, and an 
anti-aging component is not a detachment from the truth. GABA 
is wildly active in the functioning off all three, a product 
that could leave you thankful for taking that chance on it.  

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