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Gasapri Size On Review

Author: Tony Mosca of Performance Nutrition

This week I’ll be taking a look at Gaspari Nutrition’s Size On.  This is basically a creatine product meant to be consumed during or after the workout.  Gaspari’s supplements seem to be quite popular with the weightlifting crowd but is this because of the Gaspari ads plastered all over the magazines or is it because these are quality supplements?  We shall see.  The main ingredient in Size On is, you guessed it, creatine.  I love how Gaspari Nutrition describes the creatine as “Drive II Mitochondrial Energy Factor”; buzz words meant to make your standard, every day creatine sound more like some sort of experimental rocket fuel.  They’re also adding various forms of carbohydrates and insulin mimickers as a delivery system to help shuttle the creatine into the muscle cell.  This is kind of standard in today’s creatine products.

Gaspari Nutrition does use a few unique ingredients in the formula including Peak ATP and Creatine Gluconate.  These ingredients are both involved in cellular energy and ATP production.  As a result you should see some strength gains from this product.  They also use a proprietary carb which they call Outlast which is essentially a mix of maltodextrin, amylose and fibersol 2.

Gaspari Nutrition Size On is a decent creatine formula and it should deliver on the promise of strength gains.

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