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Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Review

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Can Increase Insulin Response


Author: Dominick Walsh of Performance Nutrition


Insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone that increases muscle growth. It speeds the movement of amino acids into muscle cells and activates signaling chemicals that promote protein synthesis. Blood glucose is a powerful insulin stimulator, but amino acids can also trigger insulin release. Many athletes take protein or amino acids supplements before or after weight training to boost muscle mass and strength. The amino acids from protein act as building blocks for muscle repair and protein synthesis. Hydrolyzed whey protein has been shown to increases insulin release more so than regular whey protein.


Hydrolyzed whey protein contains protein hydrolysates which are small packets of amino acids produced by breaking down proteins with acids or enzymes. Insulin release was 28 percent greater following ingestion of HWP compared to WP. The body absorbs HWP better than WP, which results in higher blood levels of specific aminos and greater potential for muscle protein synthesis.


For a great tasting product that uses Hydrolyzed whey protein try Intek Isolate Evolution.

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