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Pinnacle Supplements Methoxy Test Review

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Methoxy-Test contains a blend of plant flavones, isoflavones, and flavanones, as well as certain herbs, such as Tribulus terrestris, Avena sativa, and Urtica dioica, which may help enhance testosterone activity. This includes the anti-aromatases methoxyisoflavone, chrysin, and naringenin, and quercetin. Anti-aromatases prevent androgens such as testosterone and its immediate precursor, androstenedione, from being converted into an estrogen—thereby maintaining higher testosterone levels. The ipriflavone in this formula works as an anti-estrogen, which in turn enhances androgen activity. The Tribulus terrestris, Avena sativa, and Urtica dioica work by different mechanism to help support testosterone levels. Since this product does not contain any androgens, it is safe for use by women, as well as men. If a man is using an androgen supplement, this product still has value since it can help to reduce the conversion of androgens in that product into estrogens.


Methoxy-Test contains natural flavones, isoflavones and flavanones, which may help your body reduce the amount of testosterone that is converted in non-anabolic, estrogen hormones. 

• The methoxyisoflavone, quercetin, chrysin, naringenin, and ipriflavone in Methoxy-Test are all derived from plants, which means you’re getting a natural product to support androgen activity in your body. 

Methoxy-Test contains natural herbs and plant extracts which may support your body’s natural production of testosterone. 

• The ipriflavone in Methoxy-Test may help support androgen activity in your body.


1. Anyone who wants to enhance testosterone activity, including bodybuilders and other athletes

 2. Anyone currently using an androgen supplement 

3. Athletes who are avoiding androgen supplements (e.g., women), but still want to enhance testosterone

Each 2 capsule serving contains:

200 mg  Methoxyisoflavone
140 mg  Quercetin
20 mg  Ipriflavone
20 mg  Chrysin
20 mg  Naringenin
500 mg  Tribulus Terrestris
25 mg  Avena sativa Extract (leaf)
25 mg  Urtica dioica Extract (root)

Suggested Use:  Take two capsules before exercise.     

Click Here For Muscle Building Supplement Secrets Revealed

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