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Muscle Building Supplement Reviews

Author: Dominick Walsh of Performance Nutrition

What to Take:  BioRhythm Juice mixed with ANS Diesel Fuel, and ECS Natural Test

How to Take It: Take 1-3 scoops of Juice about 40 minutes before your workout.  1 scoop of Diesel Fuel can be mixed in with the Juice pre-workout or it can be taken with your post workout.  Take 2 Natural Test in the morning and 2 before going to bed.

Why it Works: Juice increases workout intensity and fuels cellular energy levels helping you to work out harder and longer.  Diesel Fuel will volumize the muscle cell, increase ATP production and boost glycogen stores and protein synthesis.  Natural Test will boost testosterone levels naturally and increase the rate of protein synthesis.


What to Take:  ANS Diesel Fuel, BioRhythm Big Blue, Muscle Sport Test Revolution

How to Take It: Take 1 scoop of Diesel Fuel with 4-6 Big Blue about 40 minutes before training.  Take 3 Test Revolution about 1 hour before your workout, or for increased results take 3 before your workout and 3 before bed.

Why it Works: Diesel Fuel will volumize the muscle cell, increase ATP production and boost glycogen stores and protein synthesis.  Big Blue increases nitric oxide production increasing blood and oxygen flow to the muscles while reducing lactic acid and allowing the muscle to be under tension for a greater period of time.  Test Revolution naturally boosts testosterone levels which turn on the cellular machinery that builds muscle.


What to Take: Beta Revolution, BioRhythm Juice, Creatine CXS

How to Take It: Take 3-6 Beta Revolution 40 minutes before training with 1-3 scoops of BioRhythm Juice.  Take 2-3 caps of Creatine CXS immediately before training and 2 caps immediately after training.

Why it Works: Beta Revolution allows you to recruit more muscle fibers, while BioRhythm Juice increases workout intensity and cellular energy substrates.  Creatine CXS increases muscle pumps and boosts ATP production.

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Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets

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