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MuscleTech Cell Tech Review

Author: Tony Mosca of Performance Nutrition

Ahh, MuscleTech…the mother of all supplement companies.  This week I’ll be reviewing their creatine product, MuscleTech Cell Tech Hardcore.  MuscleTech is notorious for making outlandish product claims, using creative “buzz” words and employing high profile athletes to market their supplements.  As informed consumers we know that we must look past the smoke and mirrors to get down to the true efficacy of a product.  MuscleTech Cell Tech uses a total of 10g of creatine from seven different sources.  Are seven sources of creatine really necessary?  No, but it doesn’t really hurt the formula either.  Whether you get 10g of creatine from creatine monohydrate or from a blend the end result is the same; enhanced ATP production.  As an added benefit MuscleTech added insulin mimickers to enhance the absorption of the creatine.  I do like the alpha lipoic acid and chromium used as insulin mimickers and blood sugar stabilizers but Cell Tech also adds some odd compounds which have very little scientific evidence backing them as insulin mimickers.  If you look at the sugar content of this product you can understand why they would need to add blood sugar stabilizers.  75g of sugar!!  It’s no secret that this ghastly amount of sugar will put on the pounds, just in the wrong areas.  Creatine is well known for its poor absorbability and by adding massive amounts of sugar the body’s insulin levels spike which helps to shuttle the creatine into the muscle cell.  So then why do they use insulin mimickers?  MuscleTech loves adding a bunch of ingredients to make it seem like the end user is getting more for his money when in reality its just eye candy to make the label look good and confuse the customer.  Will Cell Tech work?  It should, but compare the price of a jug of straight creatine monohydrate and a bag of sugar to Cell Tech, which is essentially what MuscleTech Cell Tech is.

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