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Protein Powder Reviews
How To Use Protein Powder Supplements

Protein powder is a fast and convenient way to meet your daily intake of protein.
But there are so many different types of powders that a person can get lost in the

Types of protein powder:

  • Casein: it is an extremely slow digesting protein that continues to release
    amino acids for up to 7 hrs. It is usually called "PM Protein" and is
    recommended to be taken before you go to bed. The reason is that while we
    sleeping our muscles are being broken down in order to provide energy. By
    taking casein protein the slow release of amino acids will help to preserve
    muscle tissue.

  • Whey: is the most commonly used protein powder. It is a fast acting protein
    that releases amino acids immediately. It is derived from milk and provides
    amino acids for 2-3 hours. But whey has different types of sub groups such as:

  1. Whey Isolate: is whey protein but it is very low in fat and is lactose free. Just like
    whey it is extremely digestible and fast acting. Whey isolate is recommended for
    people that are lactose intolerant. Generally people taking whey isolate do not
    experience gas and bloating.
  2. Mega Whey: as the name implies it is "supposed" to be superior to whey protein.
    Usually companies will add creatine or glutamine to the protein powder and charge
    the customer a premium for it.
  3. Zero Carb Whey Protein: as the name implies it has zero carbs and is just pure
    whey protein. Typically whey protein has 4-6 grams of carbs per scoop, which isn't a
    lot when compared to let say a can of soda that has nearly 40 grams. This type of
    whey protein is usually priced 50% higher than regular whey. In my opinion if you
    are not on a zero carb diet, it is a waste of money.    

  • Egg Protein: is protein that is derived from eggs. It has a very high rating for
    protein efficiency and contains the highest quantities of amino acids such as
    valine, alanine, methionine and phenylalanine.  

  • Soy Protein: is protein that is derived from soy bean. FDA says that 25
    grams of soy protein per day helps to lower cholesterol. Well soy protein is a
    good choice for protein powder for women and not men. The reason being
    soy protein powder most of the times is loaded with soy isofloves, which are
    a precursor to estrogen. But men taking soy protein once in a while is fine,
    but taking is everyday is not recommended.

So which one should I use?

Using protein powder depends on the purpose:

  • Post Workout Shake: Should use whey protein because of the fast acting
    nature of whey protein.

  • Pre-Workout Shake: use a combination of whey and casein. This will
    provide you with immediate energy and also energy to get through you

How much protein do I need per day?

The amount of protein that you need per day depends on your level of activity and
you body weight  A person with a weight of 180lbs and not weight lifting will need
less protein than a person who does weight lift. The general rule is if you lift 3-5
times per week is at least 1 gram per pound. The FDA recommends around 15-
20%  of a persons calories come from protein or .33 grams per pound.

Is excess protein harmful?

When protein is broken down it releases nitrogen as a by-product and the nitrogen
is eliminated through the kidneys. This will cause frequent urination since nitrogen
is being released by water. Therefore this places stress on your kidneys. If people
have kidney problems, then excess protein can be harmful, but if you do not have
any problems there have been no studies that showed excess protein was harmful.

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