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Snacks to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

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Gaining muscle mass comes down to two things, training and nutrition. Of the two, nutrition is the most important. Unfortunately, skinny guys typically have trouble consuming enough calories per day to pack on mass as fast as they want to. If this is the problem you're having then use these quick snacks to load up on quality calories.

1. Trail mix

Trail mix can be made with a variety of ingredients, but typically it is a mix of nuts and dried fruits. Nuts provide most of the calories here with a good dose of healthy fat and a small amount of protein. The dried fruits provide some extra calories, in addition to the antioxidants in things like raisins and dried cranberries.

2. Nut butters

Peanut butter is the staple, but you can also try almond butter, cashew butter, and macadamia butter. All of these provide a huge calorie boost with lots of healthy fat, along with some protein and fiber. Just make sure to get the "natural" versions which don't contain any added sugar or fat.

3. Milk

Whether it's whole, 2%, skim, or chocolate, milk is great way to not only increase your calories, but also your protein. Milk protein is about 80% whey protein and 20% casein protein, the same mix you see in many expensive protein powders. But in addition to the protein you also get plenty of carbs and fat. Wash down your next meal with a big glass of milk to help you pack-in the calories.

Please note that these snacks are for those of you who are having trouble gaining weight. But even those who are in this situation need to carefully monitor their body fat percentage. The goal is always to gain muscle while minimizing fat. Don't use gaining weight as an excuse to get fat!

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