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Syntrax Syntrabol Review

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The Russian breakthrough in orally active anti-catabolic nutrients. Nontoxic, safe, and highly effective. Syntrabol is nearly the perfect ergogenic aid.

Stimulates metabolism, enhances muscular function, improves nerve activity and enhances erythropoiesis. Perfectly safe for women.

200mg  Isinokosterone/capsule

Information about Syntrabol from Derek Cornelius, President of Syntrax Innovations:

Isoinokosterone, also known as 20-Hydroxyecdysterone, is a polyhydroxylated sterolic invertebrate growth hormone. The action of this hormone is quite potent on insects and is actually necessary for their ongoing survival. Because there is much cross-reactivity and homology in invertebrate and vertebrate hormones, Doctor Burdette in 1960 began a pioneering work on the effects of ecdysteroids in vertebrates. As early as 1963, Burdette found that Isoinokosterone enhanced the rate of protein synthesis in mammalian tissue. This discovery brought many scientists to the table to study the effects of this interesting hormone. Over the next 36 years, scientists discovered that Isoinokosterone improves nearly every bodily function. I will gradually introduce you to this amazing dietary supplement by first reviewing the relevant research and then describing the real-world results.

In the early 60’s, Burdette discovered that Isoinokosterone stimulated protein synthesis but the extent of its stimulatory actions was quite unknown. In the late 60’s, some forward thinking Japanese scientists by the name of Okui and Otaki studied the effects of Isoinokosterone on protein synthesis in male and female mouse liver. In these experiments, the results were compared against the protein stimulating actions of 4-chlorotestosterone, a potent anabolic steroid. Amazingly, the time-course of change induced by Isoinokosterone and 4-chlorotestosterone was similar, with a maximum effect of 200% of controls observed after 5 hours and a return to initial levels after 12 hours. Many similar studies were performed which verified these results including ones which showed that the protein stimulation occurred in both the microsomal and polysomal fractions. Other studies in ’69 and ’84 showed that Isoinokosterone even stimulates protein synthesis in nervous tissue and increases nerve function. Obviously, the implications of this research are far-reaching. Could it be possible that Isoinokosterone promotes nerve tissue healing or even regrowth? Could it be possible that Isoinokosterone restores and supercharges nervous tissue to work at a maximum level in conjunction with the other parts of the body?

As positive results were obtained with Isoinokosterone, an increasing amount of research was performed looking for whole body anabolic effects. In 1969, another Japanese researcher named Hikino administered Isoinokosterone orally to mice for a period of 60 days. He found increased growth of the treated mice and enhanced protein synthesis in the liver and kidney. These results provided more evidence that Isoinokoste one might produce anabolic effects in vertebrates including humans. In the 1970’s the former Soviet Union decided to become involved with the compound as a way to enhance their athletes and still beat drug tests. Many papers were published on Isoinokosterone in the subsequent years which convincingly showed its anabolic effects. Most of the experiments used 5mg per kilogram of body mass per day as the dosage. The effects were evaluated by measurements of the increased mass, total protein, and glycogen content of specific muscles (i.e. levator ani and tibialis anterior). As before, the results were compared against the effects of true vertebrate anabolic steroids. For instance, a researcher named Chermnykh compared the effects of Isoinokosterone and Methandrostenolone (a very potent anabolic steroid) in mice and found some astounding results. These compounds were given to two parallel experimental sets of mice for seven days—one untrained and the other subjected to training in the form of repeated swimming. Chermnykh found that both compounds caused anabolic increases of body mass only under the conditions of temporary training. Although Isoinokosterone generally stimulated physical capability for labour, Methandrostenolone could do the same only in association with temporary training. Methandrostenolone stimulated biosynthesis of the myofibrilar proteins in the musculus soleus but not in the musculus extensor digitorum longus, while Isoinokosterone increased the myofibrilar proteins in both muscles. Similar results have been confirmed in other vertebrate species consuming Isoinokosterone such as various birds, cattle, pigs, and even humans!

Besides the clear anabolic effects of Isoinokosterone, let us now look at the myriad of other positive benefits of this incredible compound. Because of the anabolic similarities between anabolic steroids and Isoinokosterone a researcher named Yoshida decided to see if there were any other similarities. In 1971 he studied whether Isoinokosterone would educe the hyperglycemic response to exogenous glucagons. As expected, Isoinokosterone had a suppressive effect on hyperglycemia. Interestingly, it did not affect those animals that had normal blood sugar levels. Furthermore, even though the blood sugar levels were unaffected in normal animals, it did stimulate the incorporation of glycogen into proteinaceous tissue such as liver and muscle. The scenario couldn’t be more ideal! Here we have a compound that will powerfully stabilize your blood sugar levels and at the same time “feed” your muscles and organs with energy-giving glycogen. Isoinokosterone is the perfect glycemic regulator. It will not only prevent you from having high blood sugar levels but also high insulin levels. High insulin levels stimulate lipogenesis—a process which basically makes you gain fat mass. With steady and even insulin levels, these fat-producing processes are halted in their tracks. Even blood sugar levels also are integral in the feeling of well being for a person as it ensures constant energy levels. Finally, Isoinokosterone actually pushes nutrients into muscle and organ tissue allowing for accelerated growth.

Some of you might be saying, “WOW!” right now, but it gets even better. For instance, Isoinokosterone has a potent cholesterol lowering effect that is brought on by increasing cholesterol secretion in the bile as well as inhibiting de novo synthesis of cholesterol. While studying this effect, researches found that Isoinokosterone produced profound increases in the specific activity of phosphatidyl-ethanolamine and phosphyatidyl-serine. These phospholipids are integral to nearly every bodily process and are linked to enormous health benefits when they are stimulated. A final benefit of Isoinokosterone that was discovered while studying the cholesterol lowering effect was a potent hepatoprotective action. This is good news in light of the many potentially harmful compounds we ingest everyday in our highly processed environment.

The good news hasn’t stopped yet! Isoinokosterone also has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Because of its cell membrane stabilizing properties, Isoinokosterone has distinct anti-arrhythmia effects on the heart as well as a restorative action atherosclerosis. In fact, researchers have witnessed overall improvements in the hemodynamic conditions of the heart as well as heart contractility. Continuing along, Isoinokosterone has been also demonstrated to have analgesic properties as well as potent antioxidative properties. An important effect of Isoinokosterone for sports enhancement is its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Almost too good to be true, Isoinokosterone has been shown to be as potent as cortisone acetate on specific inflammatory responses. We thus see Isoinokosterone as an agent that works against high cortisol levels. How so? Well, glucocorticoids like cortisol are released in response to stressors such as inflammation. By actively reducing or eliminating many of these stressors, Isoinokosterone prevents cortisol from being released from the adrenals. Since glucocorticoids are catabolic to proteinaceous tissue, it is highly beneficial to do whatever you can to restrict their release.

A final effect that is hinted at in the literature but not fully elucidated is Isoinokosterone’s effect on the skin. Some research shows a positive effect on keratinization and differentiation but beyond that—nothing! I have seen, first hand, its positive effects on acne and believe me it is quite amazing. Even better is the fact that positive results can be seen within a few days. Combined with a high quality guggul extract, incredible improvements can be seen towards blemish-free skin. My guess would be that Isoinokosterone would also be an effective agent against psoriasis although I have no specific knowledge of it working therapeutically for this purpose.

One of the greatest things about Isoinokosterone is its utmost safety profile. Lately, some scoundrels in the industry are gung-ho on calling everything poisonous and dangerous that they do not distribute (you got it—they are supplement manufacturers). Unfortunately, they do a ton of damage to this industry by spreading their false information. Isoinokosterone though is beyond reproach. You would be hard pressed to find even one small detail that was negative about Isoinokosterone. In fact, it is so safe that the LD50 in mice is 9grams per kilogram. At this level, an adult male would have to consume nearly one kilogram of Isoinokosterone to have a good chance of killing you! Since, Isoinokosterone is recommended at a dosage of 500mg per day, there is basically zero chance of any problems.

“All of this research is great”, you say, “but what about real world results?” Some of you might remember that many years ago several companies were distributing a Suma extract that had Isoinokosterone in it. A whole handful of pills would only profit you less than 50mg of Isoinokosterone. Not only was the Isoinokosterone not very bioavailable but the dosage was way too low for noticeable results. The dilemma with this dietary supplement has always been obtaining a high potency, pure or semi-pure product that was priced reasonably. For years, there were only two choices: the ineffective Suma extract and pure Isoinokosterone from Russia that cost $20,000 per kilogram. Although effective, it would cost you about $50.00 per day retail to use it in sufficient quantity. Several years ago, I became very interested in this compound and began looking into all the possibilities of obtaining a high-potency, economical product. About a year ago, I started working with an Israeli company on a new process that would produce Isoinokosterone from an in vitro cell culture system. This process is extremely high-tech and yields a large amount product at a very cheap price. Finally, in the 20th century we are able to reap the benefits of this awesome compound.

At this point, real world results are restricted to the trials that the Russians did on this compound as well as the 20,000 people who have bought the new, pure version that is now available in the U.S. I communicated with several Russian researchers who extensively studied this compound on world-class athletes. Combined, they experimented on about 65 athletes. My staff and I have also communicated with at least 300 individuals. None of the reports that we received indicated any negative side effects. Furthermore, nearly every person, including the Russian scientists, indicated that they noticed significant increases in lean body mass, endurance, strength and feelings of well-being. Several experienced bodybuilders that I talked with indicated that they did better on Isoinokosterone than anything else except high dosages of anabolic steroids. One runner that I talked to shaved two minutes off his best time! Finally, a female fitness competitor gained 3 pounds of lean body mass while becoming significantly leaner.

As you can see, Isoinokosterone is truly a revolutionary supplement. Not only does it vastly increase athletic performance but it improves nearly every bodily process. This is very unusual in a compound that does all of this. Usually, like anabolic steroids, the many positive aspects will be somewhat offset by the few negative ones. Isoinokosterone, however, powerfully assists you in your goals while simultaneously improving every aspect of your health. It might not be magic, but Isoinokosterone is the best “bug juice” I have every seen!

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