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Top Bodybuilding Supplements
Top Muscle Building Supplements

The market place is flooded with supplements that promise you rapid muscle gain
and strength. But how does a person decide which ones to buy? I am assuming
you can not possibly buy them all due to financial constraints. So here are the top
3 that you should invest your money in:

  • Protein   

  • Creatine

  • Glutamine    

Protein should be your first choice because without it there can not be protein
synthesis, therefore you won't gain muscle or strength. This protein can come from
the food you (i.e egg whites, chicken breast, tuna, milk, etc) eat or from a protein
powder supplement. Protein powders for oblivious reasons are easier to prepare
than would be say chicken breast and it is easier to get a lot of protein without
having to eat a lot of food. A simple 100% whey protein would do the job! I
personally just buy the cheapest and the one that tastes the best. You might have
to experiment different ones to find which one you can drink everyday.

Creatine since it was first introduced in the early 1990s has helped a lot of people
gain strength and muscle. Today's market place has all different kinds of creatine
products with different price ranges. So which one to select? The cheapest one is
going to be just simple pure creatine monohydrate. This is just pure creatine with
no added sugar or any other ingredients. You can pick you 1,000 grams for
around $25-30 and it should last you many months. The only catch is that you have
to mix it yourself with a sugary drink. I prefer orange juice, but you can use anything
you want. Creatine should be loaded for the first 5 days. Meaning take 20 grams
for the first 5 days, say 10 grams in the morning and 10 in the evening. After the 5
days you can maintain with 5 to 10 grams a day. During workout days take the
creatine right after you workout because it will ensure the greatest absorption.

The last supplement you will need is glutamine. As you might know glutamine is an
amino acid that get depleted during intense exercise. By supplementing with
gluatmine, it will stop the break down of muscle tissue. If you are not on your
cutting cycle (losing fat) then you should aim to take 5 grams daily. But if you are
on a cut then you should take 15 grams split up in 3 dosages. I would recommend
taking the last dosage before you sleep because it seems to increase growth
hormone levels while you sleep. Glutamine can come in either pill form or powder.
I always get the powder form because it is a lot easier to get 5 grams, since with
pills you would have to take 5-10 of them. But it is your choice as long as you get
enough glutamine.

Gives these 3 supplements a try and you will see results within a month's time. My
personal experience has been they have helped me preserve my strength and
muscle while I was on my cutting phase. I dropped 20 pounds and lost a minimal
amount of muscle, compared to when I did not take them and lost almost a third of
my weight in muscle. Well good luck with you dieting and workout, and email us if
you have any further questions.

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