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USP Labs Jack3d Review

This week I'll be reviewing USP Labs pre-workout powder Jack3d.  This is a hot item and many stores can't even keep it on their shelves.  People really seem to like USP Labs products and there has been much talk about them around the "water cooler".  All this talk got me curious so I gave a tub of it the old college try.  Jack3d is marketed as a concentrated pre-workout formula.  The serving size is much smaller than most pre-workouts mainly because USP simplified its formula down to the few core components.  This isn't a pre-workout powder with a million (usually ineffective) ingredients.  Jack3d contains a 4.1 gram proprietary blend of arginine AKG, creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, caffeine, geranium extract, and shizandrol A.  I'm sure that you know arginine is good for pumps, creatine is good for size and strength and beta alanine is good for muscular endurance but what I'd like to get into here is the more exotic type ingredients.  Geranium extract is a central nervous system stimulant like caffeine only geranium extract has more of an amphetimine-like effect and can really intensify workouts.  The stimulant effect is further maximized by combining the geranium extract with caffeine.  USP Labs also adds an all but unknown ingredient called shizandrol A.  To put the science in laymans terms, shizandrol A helps to lower inhibition and increases dopamine and epinephrine in the brain.  Think more energy and extra confidence when getting under that 315lb barbell.  Alot of weightlifting is psychological and to progress sometimes we must break through mental barriers; shizandrol A can help with that.  In conclusion I would say that USP Labs Jack3d is a pre-workout powder heavily dosed with stimulants that will jack up workout intensity.  People that like that "caffeine buzz" before a workout will like this stuff.  As far as muscle building goes, Jack3d wouldn't necessarily be my first choice due to the low dosing of the creatine, arginine and beta alanine.  If you are looking for a pre-workout powder with a bit more muscle building potential I would suggest BioRhythm's Juice or SSL's Rush. 

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